Custom Rules: Attach Country/Company Grouping

Custom Rules: Attach Country/Company Grouping

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Using Custom Rules you can attach a custom grouping to the rule if you wish to filter multiple countries and companies. You can use this method to should you want to add more control above the country and company level filtering.

Use Examples: 

  • You wish to permit the country/company for a specific time period
  • You wish to permit the country/company to a specific IP, and port
  • You wish to not log specific traffic from or to a country/company network
  • You wish to prevent specific types of traffic to specific gateway from or to a country/company
  • You wanted to create a temporary rule to permit traffic from a country/company.


To add a custom grouping to a custom rule do the following

  1. To add a country/company grouping to a custom rule do the following

  2. Go to Traffic Control -->Custom Rules

  3. Add Rule

  4. In either the Source or Destination Geo IP/Grouping, choose Grouping

  5. Select the custom grouping you created 





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